Thursday, February 26, 2009

Names in Alaska

I recently met a lady at the gym. We exchanged names...hers being Eva Louise.  I commented that my daughter had the same name and had been named for her grandmother.  The other Eva announced that she was named after a tugboat. At my raised eyebrows, she explained that the tugboat delivered her mother to the hospital for delivery in Ketchikan. This is just another example of differences when you live so far away.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Eagles Vacationing in Kodiak

About 3 weeks ago when coming from the airport, I saw about 100 eagles within a 2 block area. So by noon I was back out there attempting to photograph them. 

It was a peculiar sight with about 50 eagles swirling around in a group like you would expect to see of birds flying south for the winter. Rumors have it that they are not all Kodiak's eagles. Many of them come here from the Kenai Peninsula (9 hour ferry ride from Kodiak). They are here to enjoy the leftovers from the fish processing plants. Since the eagles can find only limited fish in the nearby bays, they must resort to becoming scavengers at the plants.

One of the pictures shows an eagle on the roof of our house. That is because our neighbor left a deer carcus for them to feast upon. He was just waiting his turn as the other 25 got their snack.

One set of pictures I took during the summer showing the different layers of the eagle's eyes just for anatomic interest.

You will be able to tell the different ages of the eagles by their coloration. The juveniles are mostly brown in color and do not yet have the distinctive markings until about the age of 3.

Enjoy the other photos they was have at:.....

Spring and Ice Crystals

The days are getting longer. Two weeks ago the day was coming up at 8:20 and now it is light outside by 7:30! Alaska magazine has a picture of a kayaker on the cover for its February edition. The temperature has risen to the high 30's! (Now this applies to the 'hot' part of the day.) Anyday now the kids will be seen wearing their shorts. No question about it, spring is on our minds.

But bringing us back to reality, here are pictures taken 2 weeks ago. Those are ice crystals forming on the rocks and seaweed at Mill Bay beach. Air temperature was 19 degrees and water temperature was 37. I think I will keep the kayak inside for a little longer.

For more ice photos of the area, go to ....