Sunday, May 20, 2012

For adluts only

Recently I saw 3 black birds with their heads stretched high into the sky.
The same day I saw a fight between three doves and felt sorry enough for the one about to die that I started to break them  up. Suddenly the littlest one gets away from being beaten up. What does he do? Goes back into the the middle of the fight, looking like he was NOT about to survive.

Suddenly I realized it is Spring and love makes us animals do crazy things.

So, when I saw two sea lions with their bodies entangled around each other,
as they barely made progress swimming down the channel,
I realized what was going on.


I was seeing "Sea Lions in love" .

Still, I  couldn't understand why there were a few others just swimming along with these two. The event took about 45 minutes to an hour, as I tried to avoid the show, while taking the gandkids for their first kayak ride in the marina

So I looked things up on the internet:  apperantly the macho male must satisfy his whole harem. So they swim close, waiting their turn, while he finishes one and then continues his duties with the remaining.

For those "Enquiring Minds" :

From what I've read, at the end of their mating, one reaches up and bites the neck of the mate! And it is not a tender kiss. It looks like a pretty strong bite to me! But, I can't remember if it  is the female who bites the male.

And for those have to see to believe,  may I recommend a video of sea lion love in the water,
(just copy and paste this address to your browser, but be warned: it is graphic)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Spring again

Let's forget for a moment that it snowed 4 inches around Mothers'  Day.
And that for our recent hike, I had on my hat, gloves, snow coat, and thick socks.......

As a friend might say, "Spring has sprout!"