Monday, August 17, 2009

Bear Viewing

Last evening we went driving out by the rivers to see if there were any bears fishing for salmon. As the salmon are very plentiful right now, we hoped to view one in the distance. Luck was with us as we spotted this 3 year old out in the marshy area. We watched him playing in the water for almost an hour. He would catch fish and just throw them up in the air, as if playing. He must not have been too hungry at this time. As we watched he began coming closer to our viewing area on the road. Luckily, the water ran under the bridge where we were standing and he followed the water. Although a couple of these photos were taken with a zoom lens, the close-ups are actually that. He was within 20 feet of us a couple of times. It does raise the adrenalin some when they come that close. But then, we are going out again tonight to see if he returns.

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