Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Autumn Storms are Beginning

Last Friday we had a typical Autumn storm. 40 knot winds and 18 foot seas were expected off Baren Island. That is on the course the ferry takes to Homer, AK. Even the Tustumena decided to stay in port...and that is the ferry that makes it here even in the winter storms.
I, of course, decided to take pictures at Mill Bay and off Spruce Cape. The dogs decided to stay behind. I can tell you that gusts actually knocked me over twice as I tried to photograph the weather. Here are a few pics. Compare the one of the point to the one with the helicopter landing on the blog form last week. Aren't those some waves? On the bluish picture (taken just before dark near 9 PM), the rocks in the far ground are 30+ feet above mean water level!. An if you still want to go out in that, note that the picture with the pine trees is close to where we usually put in the kayaks.
A seal kept looking at me as if saying, "Help me , please". Whenever a wave came, it would dive under the water. But knowing what rocks are visible at low tide, I can only assume that it was getting battered up pretty bad. I like that seal. I thnk it is the one which comes close to me when I kayak around the bay.

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Carlos said...

PS These are not Black and White pictrues. This this the real color during a stormL pretty shades of gray.