Monday, May 17, 2010

More than anyone really needs to know about.....the sex life of slugs

About 4 weeks ago I realized it was Spring when earthworms started coming out. Some are real long, like the one I found on the walking trail!

Then about one week later, slugs started coming out. Ours are generally 1.5 to 2 inch simple, brown ones. And we have lots of them. With all our rain, I'd bet every walker on Kodiak has stepped on one by June!

But, in today's Kodiak Daily Mirror newspaper, they reported the arrival of the infamous Giant Spotted Garden Slug. In my opinion it is not famous because these are the first 4 inch slugs on the island. Not because these guys can live 4 years. And not because their spots are arranged in stripes. Not because they found one that had been caught, but not killed, by a mouse trap.

The Giant Spotted Garden Slug is famous because of it's sex show on the internet!

Let me explain: last year when I looked up the life cycle of slugs, I ran into a YouTube on this particular species procreating while hanging from a tree branch. People must have found that interesting because last year there had been 3 million viewers of this video. When I looked it up today after this article, there have now been 8 million viewers! So if you are so inclined, get an “education” by watching this YouTube Video:

On the other hand, our regular Kodiak slugs are much more mundane.

Ours do it on terra firme! But if you want an explanation of what is happening on the picture below I took of our local slugs, check it out by copying and pasting this link on your browser:

I must warn you: It might be more than you really want to know.

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