Monday, April 25, 2011

Whales close up

Above I included a close up of a whale's tail, taken by Pam Foreman, not me!

I think I mentioned last Summer that on July 4th I looked out my window, saw a whale in Mill Bay and decided to go get some close up pictures.

Got my kayak and paddled about 100 yards form where it was. Suddenly I see its tail come out of the water. It was as wide as the length of the 12 foot inflatable Zodiac boat that was fishing for salmon.

This reminded me what the natives say about another big animal: "You must respect the bear!" They say this over and over again.

When I saw that tail, I suddenly re-interpreted their comments to mean: "They're a lot bigger than you are. So keep out of their way!"

A Killer Whale is 9 tons. Gray Whales weigh 30 tons. My kayak weighs 59 pounds.

So, I paddled back to shore and decided to let others photograph them close up.

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