Sunday, June 5, 2011

USCG Rescue Demonstration

In the past we have shown the Coat Guard practicing off Spruce Point. They seem to do it in beautiful weather, and we assume that is for the beginners. They also do it when the weather is getting rough. Because it is a point at the entrance to Mill Bay, waves there come in at right angles to each other. Those waves are really something to see. We assume winds are also tricky and that is why we see them practice over and over again.

During Crabfest, one of the entertaining and education presentations is the Coast Guard's helicopter rescue demonstration. Here it is in beautiful weather.

As a cruise ship stands in the background, a "forty-one footer" Coast Guard boat has dropped a "victim" into the water, and keeps an eye out for any complications.
A Coast Guard Helicopter prepares to drop the rescuer into the water.
Both await the rescue basket.
Note how much spay there is, as the copter approaches.
The "vic" as they'd say on those TV detective shows, is now on his way to the copter.

And the rescuer waves to the appreciative crowd.

Nice and easy it seems...when the waves are flat, the wind is absent and the copter is there when the accident happens.

And just the week before it went pretty much like this, but in 15 mph winds and 6 foot seas. A 60 foot pleasure boat coming form the mainland took on water. The passengers did everything the should have done: called for help, got in their dry suits, launched their raft and loaded themselves in it before the ship sank. And, yes, all 5 were successfully rescued.

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