Sunday, March 22, 2009

Attack of the Ravens

Recently Carlos took a hike up Pillar Mountain. The hike was actually up the road but it was snow covered and had lots of ice so it is classified as challenging for him. Along the way the dogs and Carlos met a group of ravens catching the wind currents, as the winds were up to 40 mph. Suddenly one of these 4# ravens decided that with the help of the wind, he/she might be able to pick up a larger load. A few minutes later others got the same idea and took turns trying to attack our 10# dog, Raton. Fortunately, they were not successful.  Raton ran back to Carlos for protection after her harrowing experience. Next time he decided to take his 22 (He doesn't think ravens are an endangered species).

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Yvonne Kizerian said...

I love that Dad thought it was so great that he had to take a picture of the birds taking a dive for the dog instead of, himself, diving to protect the dog. Ah, funny Dad.