Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Snow

We thought spring had sprung. It was up to 40 degrees one day this past week. The ice was melting and Walmart was full of swimsuits. One guy has his kayak on his car rack, ready to put into the 39 degree water. But locals told us it always snows on Easter. And so it did! We both thought that the last snowfall a couple of weeks ago that dropped over 20 inches was the last. It took everyone a couple of days to dig out of that one.

This new snow didn't prevent the locals from going on walks. So did we. First, Carlos explored the creek behind the house, looking for signs that the local bear had come out of hibernation. The newspaper said it was about time for that but there was no sign of bear activity along our creek.

Next, it was to the beach to let the dogs play. Here we met a family having a nice time. By the way, the extra dog is Jasper whom we are pet-sitting while his dad goes to the lower 48 for the weekend to visit his family. The snow drifts are so high that he likes to step over the fence and wander away. Hope we still have him when his dad come back.

Then it was off to the museums where Cindy met an eagle who let us get pretty close. He's an old one and preferred to just face away from the snow and let 2 clowns take pictures of him.

Hope you enjoyed your Easter weekend. We sure did.

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