Friday, May 15, 2009

The grass is finally green and growing

Well, we've been watching the yard "green up" over the past week. The trees are changing just as quickly. Last week there were tiny there are leaves opening. 

Carlos was taking pictures daily because the changes were so dramatic.  One day we came back from a walk and noticed that about half the yard was still pretty brown.  By that evening the brown had decreased dramatically.  Then we started watching how fast the grass was growing.  There was no need to even consider mowing last Sunday. Now, on Friday, we've got a few inches of height that we are cutting down.

We are able to use our small tractor to mow but Cindy had to come in after 45 minutes since her fingers were so cold.  The outside temperature was only 43.  But with all the sunlight that we have now, the grass just knows it isn't freezing anymore.  Today's length of visible light will be 18 hours and 33 minutes and will increase by 4 minutes tomorrow.

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