Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sea Otters

Today we'll talk about sea otters. Here is a picture of one that climbed on the kayak of the lady who runs the excursions listed on the picture. Note how the water just runs off their fur. It is impermeable to water and extremely warm. It has to be because unlike seals and sea lions, sea otters have no fat or blubber. So their coast are really great.

This is why the Russians  came to this area in the 1700-1800's....for sea otter fur. But they almost sent them into extinction. Fortunately, there are enough for us to see on many of our kayak excursios. They like to live where there are kelp forests underwater. They love to eat sea urchins and sea urchins love to eat kelp. So, otters keep the sea urchins under control in our bays.

There are a few sea otters out in Mill Bay near our house. The picture of an otter in the water along with the kelp was taken last week from the bluff on our 5 mile hike. It was sunny and 55 degrees. Not much need for jackets anymore. Come visit.

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Yvonne Kizerian said...

I'm trying to come visit. I'll call you today and we'll chat again.