Sunday, March 14, 2010

Otty's back

Sunday's walk was cold and blustery. 28 degrees. Blowing wind and snow. Worse at the Ft Abercrombie's beach. Probalby over 35 mph sustained, gusts to 50 that day, as it funnels the wind between the cliffs into Lake Gertrude.

But who should I suddenly see in the surf? My old friend Otty, swimming on his back. That Sea Otter shows up when you least expect him.

So even if the wind makes the camera shake and I lost him in the surf, no need to worry. He's made for that 35 degree water. And those Orcas won't make a snack of him. He'll swim where it's too shallow for those overgrown porpoises and will somehow keep from being banged against the rocks. He'll show up again soon. I'm sure.

(P.S. Check out those winter waves. There were lots of surfboards on top of cars this to Pasagshak's surfer's beach.)

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gail said...

Brrrrrrr! Looks cold to me but Otty appears to be happy. Love the music!