Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a difference 4 days make!

Saturday's snow storm. Doesn't that jacuzzi look good?

Monday: The sky is blue. Snow starts to melt.

Wednesday: Doesn't it look like a hot Summer day?

Its gone from cold to 40 degrees on Sunday to Wednesday. The ice is melting. The water's calm. The sky is blue. There is green in the grass.

And the Equinox is almost upon us. The sun will rise in the true East that day. Time to check if we graduated our compasses appropriately for our latitude!

We are midway to the Solstice. The sun is already up for 12 hours a day! The length of daylight is even longer than that! And it is getting 5 minutes longer every day! Everyone is happier this week.

Isn't it time to bring out the kayaks?

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Anonymous said...

hey cindy! Stumbled across your blog-I'm in Fairbanks- just wanted to say: Yes! I'm so excited for this warmer weather. Enjoy it!