Monday, September 20, 2010

Take a Hike

Enough about berries. It is time to burn off some of those calories from all that baking.

Here's a hike up Old Woman Mountain at the end of August. Its a nice climb along what looke like a creek bed to a great view of Kodiak. And if you are tired and hot, how about a swim in the lake at the top? That's the plan.

But on this day, it was a little too windy. So we returned before reaching the lake for a swim.

The houses below are for the Coast Guard. The airport you see is Kodiak's major airport, and the plane you see takingoff goes to Anchorage. There are 2 others for float planes and wheelled small planes used locally.

Note how green everything was in Kodiak. Our next blog will be showing pics from just north of Anchorage, about 2 days later. What a difference a few hundred miles north can make! (We'll show you autumn on the mainland soon.)

P.S. If some Coasties see their old houses, hope you don't get too homesick. But remember: Kodiak is a great place to return for another tour of duty or even retire. Hope to see you soon.

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