Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Little Farther South

Here's a slide series of walks along the road on the Kenai penninsula,at a similar latitude to Kodiak. Note how much less color there is than on the prior blog further north.

(Hope you like the train-like tempo of the music. The train that takes the cruise ship people to Denali passes by here. So you could have seen this too, if you where a little lazy and just rode the train.)

Our vacation was exciting. The first night camping we stopped by the Portage glacier in a campsite with only one other camping family. The lady rode her bike over to let us know they had 2 visits by a bear during that day. Thought we might want to know.

They had been Bar-B-Q ing and had a trailer into which to retreat. We had gotten there just before dark and had already set up out tent.

So, I stayed up till dark at 10 PM with my camera (and 44) hoping to snap a picture in case a bear came. After that it was the 44 by my side, all night long.

Fortunately, no visitor. Until our return form the glacier. A little movement of the bushes and the small black bear in the pictures crosses the trail 15 feet in front of us.

He doesn't look at us. Seems not to notice us. Just crosses as if he owned the place.

Our 2 dogs just keep smelling the grass...didn't notice him either.

Wonder how close to the tent he came that night.

But...All's well that ends safe, don't you think?

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ali said...

i love your blog! thanks for keeping it up. i've always secretly been fascinated by alaska. :) i love reading this.