Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hunting time in AK

"Going hunting" is an excused absence from school in Alaska. And it should be. You can learn a lot by hunting.

Plus, it might actually be what puts food on your table.

This summer, for example we had a family over for dinner. The teenagers just kept talking about how our BBQ burgers tasted so different. Turns out they have eateelk and moose for over a year. Cattle just tasted so different that they like it. (We, on the other hand, were equally impressed with the elk steaks they left for us).

We have no moose or elk in Kodiak. So if you don't want bear, deer, or buffalo (the last 2 were "imported" to the island years ago), it'll require a ferry ride to get your food.

So here is a picture of a young Kodiak teenager, on her excused hunting expedition to the mainland, earlier in September.

Note that she is actually the one who shot the larger moose.

Those antlers have a 58 inch spread!

This is just part of an Alaskan's education.

Incidently, did you notice? ...... Those are NOT all trees behind them.

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Rebecca1979 said...

My husband and I sooo want to move to Alaska. Lucky you!!!