Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What happens at the end of Tanner Season?

Tanner crab season has just closed. And like the fishermen tell me:
"days get longer at closing time".

They report that while they are finishing the season, they indeeed notice the morning getting here earlier and earlier. It is really a boost to their spirits as they are finishing up the season. After being on the seas in the dark, it is really a pleasant sight when they come home.

Today we'll have civil twilight form 8:40 till 6:04. Having light before 9 AM really cheers you up!

Even Barrow at the north of Alaska is getting sun now...after 2 months of complete darkness. They got just over 1 hour of "sun" yesterday. See short article below:

Alaska Beat
Sun returns to Barrow, Alaska after 2-month hiatus
Alaska Dispatch
The sun has returned to Barrow, Alaska after a two-month hiatus, "warming hearts and minds" up above the Arctic Circle. Not all the residents were able to witness and enjoy the sweet return, though, according to The Arctic Sounder. "Ice fog above buildings and homes cloaked the sun in parts of town, but daylight was noticeably more significant," some reported, while others reported that they "saw the sun clearly, glowing brilliant and orange." It was about 40 degrees below zero when The Top of the World Hotel general manager, Mustafa Iflazoglu, stepped outside for a "quick glimpse." According to the National Weather Service, the sun has not risen in Barrow since Nov. 18. Sunday's glory lasted a whopping one hour and nine minutes, according to the weather service's official observer way up there, rising at 1:05 p.m. and setting at 2:14 p.m. Read the full story here.



Samuel said...
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Samuel said...


I've enjoyed reading the blog over the last few months. It's always especially fun when one of my Mirror stories gets
cut out and scanned.

I'm moving up to Fairbanks next week, but I plan to keep following the blog.


Sam Friedman
Kodiak Daily Mirror