Saturday, January 22, 2011

They are watching us!

About a week ago we went on a walk to Ft Abercrombie.
I looked up, and there was an eagle staring at Raton .
He looked at me.

Then looked at her again.

Wings came up.

I feared Raton was a gonner!

But, then he turned a little more, and flew off towards the water.

I don't know what lead him to spare Raton. Eagles have been known to fly by and cary away a small dog off a walker's leash. Anyway, maybe it was that ugly coat that made this 10 punder look not so appealing.

Eagles can easily carry away a 5 pound fish. Even a 7 pounder is manageable for them. Once they get a 10 pounder it is a challenge. Sometimes they can't release their claws and both end up in the water. Since eagles aren't good swimmers, if the fish is trying to dive, it's the end for both.

Someone at work told me they had their dog out in the yard with them when a neighbor screamed at her. There were several dozen of eagles in the trees. One suddenly swoops down to take the dog, but the lady used a rake to swing as the eagle she appproached. Good thing she didn't admit hitting the bird, or she might be in trouble with goverment, since eagles are "protected". As she said, when they outnumber you dog, maybe you should protect the dog.

Another said an eagle carried off her 20 pound pet rabbit, but dropped it form in the air, about 30 feet high. Rabbit did ok. Didn't even have a hole in his flesh...guess it's fur was thick enough not to let the claws sink in.

Do you think they were kidding me? I think I heard someone say, "what a cheechako!"

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