Friday, February 4, 2011

Ft. Abercrombie walk in the snow

The day after the "walk" down Island trail, we took a walk around the lake in Ft Abercrombie. There is still snow on the ground and you have finally burned up some calories after being cooped up with those long winter nights.

So, today take a real leisurely walk around one side of the lake at Ft Abercrombie, go to the ocean, and return on the other side of the lake.

Hope you enjoy what there is to see: ice skaters and ice fishermen on the lake; cormorants; an eagle at the sea shore. You might even see a sea otter. How about fishing boats working in the cold?

On the way back, pay attention to the moss on the trees. Their persistent green color gives you a "warming" sensation, even on the snowiest days.

You never know what you'll see. So get out and enjoy whatever there is.

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