Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kodiak Coast Guard saves the day... for a distressed vessel in the Atlantic

A fishing boat, taking on water beyong what the bilge pumps could pump, called out for help. No it wasn't local; their accents seemed awful strange. It was a Southern accent.

And it was from over 4,000 miles away. Off the Florida Coast in the Atlantic Ocean.

No one else heard it. Kodiak listened and got its coordinates. So USCG Kodiak called Florida to try and reach the vessel. A Navy ship was 12 miles away and to the rescue they went. The Navy Times reported the rescue, but appreantly never mentioned it was initiated form over 4,000 miles away.

Way to go, Kodiak! Always keeping those earphones on!

Apperantly radio transmissions can bounce off the ionosphere, skip the local air and he heard far, far away.

To hear the transmission about it, go to KMXT, the local Public Radio Station in Kodiak. You can hear the conversation in the background and their report on the story. Copy and paste the following on your browser:

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