Monday, May 16, 2011

Big Birds

We used to think our eagles were really big birds.

We've shown you pictures on the blog of a local Bald Eagle sitting on a whale bone as we accidentally passed by it's side. It could have reached out and pecked at out heart! On another occasion we returned from a hike to find one standing on a guard rail by the side of the road. It could have reached out and eaten our eye balls. (No, we are not stupid; we didn't stop to photograph one that close.)

Well, at the Grand Canyon we met the California Condor. Those guys have a 9 1/2 foot wingspan. Here's a ranger holding one of its feather.

It's a good thing condors only eat dead things!

We'd like to pick up an eagle feather and photograph it for comparison, but that is not legal. We'll just tell you that they are longer than the length of a man's forearm and hand combined (or longer than the length of a humerus).

So, here are a few eagles we saw this January, for comparison.

Theirs are as wide as a semi.
Ours are not as wide as a pick-up truck.

But, ours are a lot cuter.....

...even when they get old.

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Yvonne Kizerian said...

Definitely cuter than an condor.