Thursday, May 26, 2011

Crabfest is finally here!

Scool has ended. The kids are on a high. It's Memorial Day weekend.

That means 3 things:
Kodiak folks are ready to party;
it is the beginning of Summer for us (whether the sun shines or not)
and most of all, it is CRABFEST weekend!!!!

So what do we do?

We go don our rain gear, go watch the parade, go to eat at the Crabfest booths and mingle with those "huge" crowds.

And you can participate in whatever type of races you want: The Kodiak Ididarock Race: a 41 mile bike ride from the end of he road to the city, then a 9 mile run, followed by a mile swim? Or mayby the 26.1 mile Carbfest Marathon? Or a race up Pillar Mt? The Annual Crabfest Tennis Tournament? A kayak race around Near Island? If those are not your cup of tea, how about: Arm wrestling competition? A ping pong tournament? A bed race down the street? Or a construction competition? A kids foot race? The annual dressing in survival suit and swim to the rescue boat competition?

How about watching the Kodiak Drummers, or a benefit for St Jude's Children's Hospital with music by Ken Peltier? Russian folk music by the Kodiak Balalaika Players? The 11th Crabfest art show? or the Seniors art show? A chess tournament?

The Coast Guard rescue demonstration? A tour of a Coast Guard Cutter? The library book sale? The tent sale at Macs sporting goods? Or perhaps best of all..the Friends of teh NRA banquet and gun rafel!

Yes, all that and tons of more fun are coming this weekend.

Here's the "crowds" at the booths and watching the races
in pics we found from 2009(by the way it was PM, not 4 AM)

No matter whats the weather, we are having fun this week end!

But the best thing of that the carnival has arrived on the ferry!

Tune in over the weekend and we'll show more pics of us having fun.

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