Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Friendly "puppy dogs"

On Saturday we took our young visitors kayaking at St Herman Harbor. They liked it so much that when I returned home form work today they were on the driveway, dressed and ready to go again. So off we went.

First we paddled out to see the 24 Steller sea lions on the man made island in the middle of the harbor. On the way back one comes up for air 5 feet form the front of the kayak, is completely surprised to see us and makes the biggest splash as he goes under water. And we didn't see him again.

It is usually us that are surprised by them, not he other way around.

But there is one that has really taken an interest in us during the last few days.  We noticed him yesterday when we heard his breathing just a few feet behind us. He just followed us for about 50 yards, keeping that short distance behind us.

Today, the kids and I were standing on the pier when the same guy spotted us
 and kept approaching ......,

He seemed as much interested in us, as we were in him.

He got so close that we could see the water droplets in his face's whiskers!

Looked so much like our old Labrador that it made you want to reach out and pet him on the head.

On the other hand, that did not seem like a good idea. Who knows if  he was really thinking,
"Those little kids would make a nice meal!" With one quick jump he could climb on the pier and have it his way.

But, no, he stared and stared and then swam away.

(PS, Again, there is no enlargements of these pics. This is how close he got.)

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