Saturday, April 21, 2012

Watching out for hazards

Specially this month,
when you go kayaking from the marina into the channel,
there are a few things you should check:

1. That the Tustumena ferry is not heading your way in the channel,

and 2) That the killer whales are not coming in...

to have a sea lion snack.

Officially, April is Whalefest month:
when we celebrate the return of the Gray whales travelling past our shores.

But it's also the month the Orcas are coming into the channel,
to feed and train their young on the tricks for successful sea lion hunting.

And , although we get "used" to having a half ton sea lion swim just a few inches form the hull, I have gotten so scared that I have dropped the camera under such conditions.

Anyway..... you do NOT want your 14 foot kayak
between a sea lion and a hungry 20 foot, 5 ton mama killer whale.

That's not good.

But, if you avoid such excitement,
then you return as a "happy kayaker".

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