Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kodiak's bears are everywhere !

With about 3,500 bears  and only 13000 people on the island,

you might expect to see Kodiak bears everywhere.

And you are right.
Here are a few of the local spots, guaranteed where you can see a real Kodiak bear:

At the Best Western Motel
the bear greets the hunters as they spend their first night,
before taking off to the woods for their hunt.

And, of course, at Mac's Sporting Goods Shop,
he gets them even more psyched up for the hunt.

At the local police station,
he wanrns you that if you misbehave,
he will put you away.

And at Wells Fargo Bank,
he is on watch,
protecting your money.

At the local Wal-Mart,
the greeter entertains your kids as you shop.

But at the public library,
she warns you that you can get your head chopped off,
if you are late in returning your books!

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