Friday, August 24, 2012

GPS and the Ferry

I just got back to Kodiak on the Kennicott ferry, all the way form Bellingham.

It was surely beautiful.

Even had one rainbow so close that you could almost reach out and touch it!

But, I have to tell you a GPS story for your safety.

When I got off the ferry in Kodiak, my car's GPS still said I was in Bellingham, Washington at the pier ready to board the boat. I drove 2 miles and the GPS showed me and my car driving/floating on the ocean off Bellingham, almost 2,000 miles away. Finally after 2 miles, it told me it did not have a map for where I was ( I never purchased the "Alaska" map option), and so it just showed me what direction I was moving on a compass. That it what it has always done in Kodiak.

Well, something went wrong for one of the people who got off our ferry in Whitier. According to the news report, he was driving at the end of the ferry pier when the GPS told him to make a sharp right. He did. And drove off into the ocean!

A good Samaritan jumped in the water and broke a window so the man could swim out. They were also successful in getting out the 2 dogs that were free in the car. But unfortunately a cat was in its cage and could not swim out. The man and 2 dogs did fine, however.

If you don't believe me, I found an article about it for you to read:  Here is a pic his car being pulled out of the water.

Moral to the story: DO NOT believe your GPS form the lower 48 when you land in Alaska. It just won't know where the heck you are!

But that is not the end of accident stories. Keep in touch and I'll tell you about the stranded glacier viewing trip another day.

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