Monday, August 27, 2012

Ferry Vs. Cruise ship

While riding on the state-run ferry to Alaska we realized we were taking the same course as those people in the fancy cruise ships. I figured, "Wow, we get to see the same things as those people in the expensive boat."

Here is one cruise ship approaching us in the fog.


We were all excited and came outside to watch them go by....
just like we did whenever someone pointed out a whale or a porpoise or anything that seemed interesting.

And it overtook us.

Looking at the cruise ship carefully, however, we realized there were hardly any people looking at the scenery. In fact, I could only count 5!  Where where the rest?

Hopefully they were not all at the restaurants, but pool-side.....
looking at all the wildlife, right there on their super giant TV screen!

Here are pics I took of their TV screen with my own camera
as they "enjoyed" close up videos of sea lions,

of eagles,

and of whales,

right there off their pool deck.

Yes, they got a "better" view than we did....
but heck, why didn't they just stay home and watch it on their own Hi-Res TV?

I think I enjoyed our real life views a lot more.....
not as magnified as their TV images,
but real-life animals just a few hundred feet away from us!


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