Sunday, September 2, 2012

What to wear to the Kodiak Rodeo

Labor Day weekend is always the time for our fair and rodeo.
Actually, they they call it the Kodiak State Fair.

So, what should you wear to such a special event?
Well, on Saturday you could have dressed like a cowboy going to any rodeo in the Southwest.

But on Sunday, the rain came and you'd better have worn a little rain protection.

Some still figured it was "summer" so it was shorts for them. Others used their big city wool coats.
Others just put on their fishing overalls, 'cause that fits in just fine in this weather.

Of course, just about everyone wore some sort of rain boots.

This one went all out, and brought out her fanciest pair to accentuate her rain pants.

Yes, we are always ready for every type of party in Kodiak!

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