Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Silvers are waiting

On the last blog we talked about all the Pink Salmon coming in the Buskin river, just outside of town. Yes, there are a lot of them. And that creates problems.

According to Thursday's Kodiak Daily News, last year at this time we had 9,500 Pinks that had crossed the weir (the automated fish counting equipment) on the Buskin.

By September 10th of this year 74,000 had been counted. That's a lot more.

So here is series of pics about what is going on as you look at the weir and what is downstream.

And like overpopulation of humans, that creates a problem with waste.
Lots of dead fish who died along the way generate a lot of bacteria.

That means the water's oxygen saturation has fallen form 84 down to 54% between the lake and the river.

So, our favored Silvers are just waiting out in the ocean, waiting for a strong rain to flush out all the bio-toxins.

They've been waiting there for weeks.
Can you imagine what type of a Silver run we are going to have after this weekend's rain?

Yes, the time to be fishing on the Buskin will be the first 48 hours after the Silvers decide it is clean enough to swim upstream!

I hope it doesn't happen on Monday morning...
or lots of people are going to be missing work.

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