Thursday, September 27, 2012

Maybe not a good day to be in the North Pacific

This September we've been having October weather:
Lots of storms...some affecting what we can do.

For example:
This afternoon, the ferry service announced the 2 PM arrival would be delayed till 9.
It's 10 PM and they are only now arriving at Pt Lyons, on the other side of the island, on its trip form Homer to the city of Kodiak.

The reason?  60 mile per hour winds and 16 foot seas they said.

And here is tonight's forecast of the Baren Islands, along the course they just passed:
"Hurricane force wind warning tonight.... Gusts to 75 knots (86 mph) in the evening.
Se of the Barren Islands...Seas 27 ft ..... Rain"

Good thing the ferry passed before all that arrived!

But, we take it all in stride.
As one local post on Facebook aptly stated.........
"What do we call this in Kodiak?  Wednesday"


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