Thursday, September 6, 2012

OK, what else is there at the Kodiak State Fair?

We have roosters, we have chickens, we have rabbits.

And a place to show off last winter's quilt.

 A place to socialize.

But, it's also a place to compete with your garden's products.

Incidently, I was talking with the guy who won the lemon and lime competition. Turns out he has them producing year-round in his greenhouse...and that is valuable when a lemon or lime can cost you over 2 bucks each at the grocery store!
And he tells me, he even has tangerine that are now flowering.
But for those of you who are really into gardening and fairs...
what do you think this is?

According to the Internet, when you bite into them, the "crisp skin and a snappy tang is followed by sweet flesh. These attractive large, deep red berries taste great. Self-fertile plant bears fruit in the first year if planted early enough in the spring."
Yes, it indeed is the Hinnomaki Red Gooseberry.
Let's get some to plant !

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