Thursday, November 15, 2012

A "peaceful" walk

We tried going for a walk this weekend.
They say it's good to control your pressure.

Thought we'd take the dog to the leash-free area around Ft Abercrombie
(the brown colored part of the map).

 But a little sign made us return

and read the sign we'd seen below the map.

Well, if you're in Kodiak, you just learn to live with it.

So we took the cliff-side trail, where it's a little clearer with less trees.
Just watch your feet as you approach the edge,
'cause the moss underneath can let you slip.

Enjoy the views and the fresh sea air upon your face.

And when the dog suddenly stops and sniffs the air,
you stop and look around,
to confirm nothing is standing there waiting for you.
Just hope your dog doesn't is not inclined to bark and chase any animal happening by.

After all, you are in THEIR neighborhood.


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