Saturday, November 24, 2012

Why do our bears raid the Food Bank?

You know the answer to that riddle.

We continue to have a lot of bear activity this year.  1/3 of our bears don't hibernate in winter 'cause it's relatively "warm" here and there has always been food for them all year long. We'll talk more about what's different  this year towards the end of the blog.

But, seems like one couldn't find anything good in the dumpster,
so it tried to check out the Food Bank just before Thanksgiving.

Fortunately the window it broke was too small for him to crawl through.
But they have concern 'cause the entrance doors are of glass.

His tracts were seen across form the hospital this week end.

And I saw new tracts by St Mary's again.

...almost big enough for me to put both of my boots in this imprint!

Here is some of what they are trying to do to discourage bear visits:

Removing or turning  some of the dumpsters upside down so they can't be used at locations busy with bear activity.

And the police and State Troopers try to scare them away with noise and rubber bullets.
But some one wrote that there had been so much activity that they had run of of those non-lethal rubber bullets. Fortunately no killing of bears have yet occurred, since the first article we mentioned about a month ago.

Anyway, last year the city council changed the trash collection system form dumpsters to trash cans, inside city limits. But those trash cans sit out all over town form the time they are put out in front of all the homes till the truck comes  pick it up. It sure seems a lot easier for a 500-1,000 pound bear to get things out of small trash cans than climbing into a 5 foot high dumpster. There was never so much bear activity in town till after this change.  The change is a heated item of discussion!

PS, the article about target practice in the paper had nothing to do with bears. It's about parents teaching kids all about guns. But I know that lots of houses have their 3 inch slugs loaded in their shotgun.

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