Monday, April 12, 2010

Hormonal Eagle

I went to video some eagles this weekend. But, remembering this picture from the Internet, I got a little leery when one took a special interest in looking at me.

Thinking that I don't get paid to take my pictures..... I put my camera in my pocket, stepped back, and decided to call it quit for the day. Sometimes devine intervention tells you what is the right thing to do. If not, common sense should.

What could cause an eagle to act so aggresive? That's a juveline, so it probably was not guarding its nest of chicks or eggs. Maybe it just didn't like people in its space. Or maybe he thought the photographer was getting too close to his potential girlfriend.

Yes, this is eagle mating season. According to the Kodiak newspaper, 2 eagles were doing a mating dance near Valdez on Easter Sunday. They often clamp themselves together and do a vertical dive. But in that case, they either got their talons stuck together or let sex distract them from common sense. They ended up diving straight down into the ground. People saw it and found them burried 2 feet deep into the snow. The male was dead on the scene. The female was still breathing, so they took to to the eagle rehab facility. It was in a coma for nearly a week, but they report that now it opens its lids and follows people with its eyes. It still has not eaten or drunk water.

Anyway, it is getting to be Spring time here. Days are over 14 hours long. We know that affects the pineal gland and the pineal does affect one's sex drive. Did any of you do stupid things during Spring Break? If you say "no", it's probably that your pineal activity prevented you form remembering how you acted.

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