Thursday, April 29, 2010

Salmon Shark Dissection

Just about everyone in Kodiak is a biologist by degree or avocation. I think they are really outdoor type folks that discovered getting a biology degree is a great way of enjoying our great outdoors in Alaska while collecting a paycheck. After the fishing industry and the school district, Fish & Game or other government agencies are about the number 3 employer. Fishing and fish research is the community.

Sunday they had a Salmon Shark dissection presentation at the Fish Research Center. This is a yearly event. Being an anatomist, of course I went. But I was about the only adult without a kid. I found these pre-school kids really knew their shark! Just look at the crowd. I guess if momma and pappa are interested in biology, kiddo is interested too. Is it genetics or is it social imprinting? It's just Kodiak.

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