Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Put on your walking shoes .......for a Sunday stroll

Spruce Cape is owned by the US Coast Guard and is near our house in Kodiak, AK. It is where the Coast Guard likes to practice helicopter landing in cross-winds and Navy Seals come occasionally for winter warfare training.

They have fenced off about 1 - 1.5 mile long area that is about 50 - 200 yards wide for the locals to stroll along the edge of Mill Bay till the "point" facing the Pacific and the channel bringing fishing boats and the ferry back to town. It's a favorite for us to walk the dogs, knowing that they can't run off because of the water's edge and the fence. And the chance of bear encounters is low.

Anyway, take a 2 minute stroll with us. You'll see a sign that'll scare you. And human targets along the fence...but remember these are just for "War Games". No real shooting goes on here.

There's our houses across the bay, ducks, ptarmigans, eagles, and alot of other sea birds. During this walk we saw a fallen tree. Note how shallow their roots are, because of the little topsoil/ash on top of the rocks that make up this island.

You'll also see evidence of the military presence during WW II, keeping an eye out for the Japanese. The jeeps and trucks have rusted away, but you can see remains of the engines and transmission during low tide.

During this walk we ended up with a beautifully sunny day, ran into a few surfers (but didn't photograph them), and saw the beginning of Spring: the fishing boats are starting to leave port to stock their fishing camps.

Not bad for a typical Sunday afternoon walk, wouldn't you say?

Oh, by the way, It was not named because there are alot of Sitka Spruce trees on it. It was named after the fishing boat that went out of the port when they heard the 1964 tsunami was coming our way. Two brothers went out to pick the 3rd one who was on a small fishing island. None was ever found.

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