Saturday, August 14, 2010

Crime comes to Kodiak

I was very saddened when I left work on Wednesday. My bike was stolen!

I walked around the building just to see if someone was playing a joke on me. No such luck. It was gone.

Mad at myself for thinking there was no crime in Kodiak and never using my lock, I went inside to report it to the police.

While on the phone someone calls my name. It's a fireman. They were working on a fire hydrant down the street. A kid on a bike stared at them, suddenly gets off the bike, drops it in the middle of the road, and goes off into the woods.

They wait a minute, go pick up the bike form the road and continue working. They figure he needed a bathroom break. But no kid returns by the time they finished their work.

One recognizes it as the bike they see whenever they drop a patient off at the emergency room. So, they place the bike in the fire truck and bring it to me at work.

Isn't a small town nice? A place where kids respect authority....not just the police but also the firemen; in fact, anyone authority figure. Where people know where things belong. And, they take the time to return it to the owner!

So, today is cookie baking time for the fire department.

Thanks KFD.

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