Sunday, August 22, 2010

Snorklers in the bay

Last week I went kayaking and suddenly saw some peculiar kelp. It had a stick coming out of its bulb. Before long, 2 big black flippers came out of the water. Too big for our typical otters and seals at Mill Bay.

Anywhere else it would have beeen obvious: snorklers in wet suits.

But it is still surprising to see them poking out of the water, their heads looking so much like kelp bulbs. Maybe it shouldn't be. I know we have a scuba shop. I have seen them at the beach before. And after all, it is a nice and warm 54.5 degreees in the water now. Up from 49.5 on July 5th and 34 degrees in the winter time!

When they came out, I talked to them. They saw a few salmon, sculpin, and even caught a crab for dinner!

PS Their wet suits are 5 mil thick, just in case you want to join them for some underwater sightseeing.

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