Saturday, August 7, 2010

More Local Lingo Lessons

The salmon are a little late coming up the rivers because the water temperature has been too cold (yes, too cold despite global warming). Or at least that is what we think. But no one told the bears, so they are coming down and not finding fish. One decided to repeatedly raid a dumpster. When he did not "learn" to leave when encouraged by non-lethal bullets, they finally had to use real ones.

Usually the State takes the hide and auctions it off at the State Fur Rondy in February in Anchorage. But the paper says they left this bear in the dumpster. He weighed 750 pounds; not something you want to pull out of a dumspter. And I guess no one wanted to get in there and skin him in the dumpster. So, to the city landfill he went. Isn't that something, the container that brought him his last meal was the one that carried him to his final resting place.

In an effort to educate you on what these bears are telling you (and keep our visitors safe), here is another lesson on the local lingo. When you don't know a language well, just look at the eyes and it'll help explain what they are telling you. Can't you tell what this one is saying with his grunt?

"Get lost, Buster!!"

No need to buy the Rosetta Stone course CD!! Don't you think bear lingo is clear? When he looks at you like this and gives a grunt, follow his advice: get lost, Buster.

By the way, check out this guy's hind feet. He's not a young one. He's been dragging them to the point that his back claws are completely filed off.

Despite that, I'd bet he knows how to give you one swift wack that'll make you wish you had learned his language.

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