Saturday, July 31, 2010

Other famous visitors to Kodiak

While the up-and-coming politicians brign their film crews, most famous people that come fishing and hunting like a low profile. Once in a while they too miss the things us common folks try to come and go from Kodiak without being noticed.

And its easy to be ignored here. Many people didn't own TVs till the last few years. Many still don't have it connected to cable. They just use it to watch videos they select for their kids, but not for TV shows!

So its understadnable when you hear of a worker at a fishing camp trying to figure out who was that client was that looked so famous. Who knows and who cares? They come and they go, dressed like like all others going out of civilization.

Mike Rostad, a along time Kodiak Dayli Mirror newsman barely mentions them in his book, "Close to my Heart" :Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter and Tiger Woods fished for salmon; Roy Rogers and the Princess of Monaco hunted bear. That is what they did: came here to do what we do. Even performers do it here in quite a calm way: John Denver gave a concert at a small island village for the natives, and Judy Collins sang at the local auditorium. Many others probably came and went without being recognized.

And no, the big wigs don't get special treatment. In fact, I read that the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, head of the Unification Church (who has married 1,000 people at one time at sport stadiums), likes to come here to catch salmon (and converts). One Summer he was arrested for fishing over his limit.

Be warned: The Alaska Troopers and Fish & Game Dept. have no leniancy for the wicked (.....even if they are Holy).

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