Thursday, July 29, 2010

Fighting bears

The paper said that as the fish start swimming up the rivers, we should start seeing more bears anytime. One of the guys at work says a bear already chased him off his favorite fishing hole last week.

Here are 2 of my pics from last summer. Who knows, we might see something like this on our way fishing soon. Two young bears playing around. And a 3rd one is coming to watch the fun.

If you want to see a video of 2 getting it on a little more seriously, check out this YouTube by somene else (he must be a professional video man 'cause he has lots of lion and tigers fighting on his site).

Anyway, I think that, just past the middle of the video, you can tell the big bear might not come out ahead. Do you see what I see?

Just copy and then paste this address on you browser to see a fight:

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ALVARO said...

What a nice fight or just hug ?
Best , Alvaro