Saturday, July 31, 2010

Famous people in Kodiak

Enough about flowers. Lets talk about people who come to Kodiak.

Last week we saw a bunch of young people at a restaurant who just didn't look local or like sport fishermen. One of those in our group got up and asked what they were here for. Turns out they were all new film school graduates working on their first project: a documentary on Alaska! "What, another documentary on Alaska?", someone said.

Before she asked if they didn't think everything about Alaska had already been filmed, we asked about the director, etc, to change the tone. The big wigs were having a fancy private meal. ("Little do they know that it doesn't get much classier than Henry's Great Alaskan Restaurant right here in Kodiak!", we thought.)

But...they might have been right after all: a private diner party! When you live in AK, be best food is often what you just caught and prepared fresh!

Anyway, the paper the next day had the following story: Sarah Palin and her daughter are in town filming daughter Willow racing at the local raceway for this Fall's television series: "Sarah Palin's Alaska".

I am willing to bet that someone was making the Palins and the directors a real fancy meal in their home....and it might have even challenged Henry's!!!!

I had not heard of a Palin racing at our local track. Guess I just don't keep up with the fast crowd.

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