Sunday, July 4, 2010

Fireworks in the light

July 4th celebration in Kodiak starts early, about 11:40 PM. That's when it starts getting dark enough to see the color in the explosions. The city puts up their show, but the locals like to create their own, too. After the city's show ends, at about 12:10, people come to the beach to fire more of their own till about 2 AM. Here are the locals having fun, as seen out my window.

You can see how fast daylight fades: the 1st. slide is at 11:40PM and the last is 12:10AM.

And daylight comes up early: here is a pic I took out of the plane, looking East while at 38,000 feet, on the way to Anchorage last week. It was 1:10 AM and the sun wanted to rise. At sea level, sunrise is at 5:15, but you can start seeing again at about 3:30-4:00AM in the peak of summertime.

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Carlos said...

Typing error again: Change the closing slide to 12:10 AM, not PM.