Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coast Guard to the Rescue

Last week was a sad one in Kodiak. A Coast Guard helicopter from Sitka crashed and only one survived.

But they did not let mourning affect their work. Three recues were carried out form our base. And here is Monday's front page about the one where the entire boat butned on the water while fishing. Fire started in the galley after a rough night at sea. The paper says they suspect spilled fuel during the storm. All were recovered.

And I fear they might be at work again tonight. The weather has been continuously perfect for 2 weeks. Lots of fishing and sport boats were out on the water. Suddenly at 6 PM a fog wall dropped and blinded us form seeing the rocks out Mill Bay. Then it hid Spruce Cape. Now I can barely see over the roof of the apartments next to my window.

Thank you CG!

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