Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alaska's Weed

There is a plant which makes our Autumn fields look like they're on fire.

Of course, that is why we thought it was called "fireweed".

It turns out, according to the Internet, that it got its name because it was the first sign of life that developed after a large fire in mid Alaska sometime in the 30's.

But, just take a look at some of our pictures, and tell us if you think we or the Internet is right about its name.

It doesn't always look like fire. For a while it just colors our views.

Of course, it began as a green, plant, growing as tall as a person

then blossoming its flowers,
gradually turning red...usually in the first week of September around our place.

Then it sprouts it's wispy white plume,

taking on the look of fire,

till the weather takes its toll,

and it readies itself for winter's rest.

May you have a colorful and happy Autumn.

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Unknown said...

PS THis is NOT a weed you smoke.