Sunday, November 6, 2011

Marching up Pilar Mtn.

Sunday, after getting used to the sun not rising till after 9 AM, we woke up with the sun in our eyes, thanks to going back from Daylight Savings Time.
What to do when something like that happens?
Go for a hike.

So up Pilar we went, only to be disappointed to have clouds head our way, snow flakes fall on our face at 39 degrees, and wind gusts to 30 mph as we turned into the wind. There was a strong incentive to turn around and head for shelter.

But, weather always changes. So, we continued up.

Sure enough, it was worth it.

Sun started coming out
and even the rat dog seemed to enjoy the view,
1,300 feet down to the sea.

If that does not convince you that it was worth the climb,
check the clouds over Termination Point on the way up,

compared to the sun in our face on the way down.

Moral to the story:
when you feel couped-up, just take a hike.

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