Monday, November 7, 2011

Going to school at 8:15 in the morning

Loading the bus at 8:15 in the morning,
this past Friday, before the end of "Daylight Savings Time".

But with the time change, this week they'll have some nice light
on their way to school.

And......for those who like "the full story".......

With the end of DST, dawn today will be at 7:54.
But by 2 weeks form now, it'll be back to 8:22......
so it'll be dark on the way to the school bus.

That is "dawn".
"Sunrise" is not quite the same.
It'll be at 8:37 today and 9:08 in just 2 weeks.

By Dec 21, it'll break dawn just before 10 AM.....
if clouds don't hide the light till about 10:15 or 10:30.

That is why we enjoy it so much when the sun shines up here in the north!
It's the price of living in wonderland.

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