Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Spring is in the Air

It reached 40 on Sunday. It was hot.
Sure it gets to the teens at night.
But every day it has reached above freezing.
So what's a person to do...
get out the studded tire bike and get ready to ride.

Sure, you'll need your special equipment:

1. Snowboarding helmet: it is more solid so rain doesn't seep in as much. AND it has ear muffs to keep out the cold.

2. Face cover: to keep the snow/sleet/rain combination from making your face cold.

3. Reflective waterproof worker's jacket: to let drivers see the crazy folks riding in the snow and rain.

4. Waterproof pants: there are few things worse than getting your legs soaked as you pedal to work.

5. Extra Tuff waterproof boots ( sometimes called " Kodiak Sandals"): because worse than wet pants is dripping ice water into you shoes.

6. And don't forget your waterproof bag to carry your stuff in the bike basket.

Now we are ready. Let's pedal!

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