Friday, March 23, 2012

What to do in Kodiak during a March week?

I got a message questioning if counting eagle whiskers was because there was little to do in the winter.

No, that is not right.

Here are 2 pics form Wednesday's Kodiak Daily Mirror of what to do that day.

How about climbing Pillar Mountain and skiing down? (There are no lifts here. So if you want to ski down, you have to climb up.)

After that run, why not go inside and listen to Tito Puente Jr. give a presentation form Mambo to Jazz? Yes, the famous Mambolero's son is right here,bringing both styles for the locals to compare!

If you are a thespian instead, how about participating in this weekend's play?

Or you could go to any of the various lectures or presentations during Bear Week at the National Wildlife Refuge. Whether an adult or a kid, there is stuff for you there to learn.

But if doing is more your style, you should have signed at Kodak College for classes leading to becoming a bear guide. Just you, taking a small group into the wilderness to see the biggest bears in the world.

Alas, there are some things that are coming to a close. The ice rink for hockey tournaments is being dismantled next week, making room for covered basketball and tennis practice.

All this week. And all within 2 miles form the house.

No, this is NOT a boring place to be, even when winter is still around.

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