Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dark at last

About 2 years ago I read in the paper about 2 lower 48 campers who had come north of Fairbanks. They had turned on their emergency search beacon. When the rescue crew arrived via helicopter, they found the reason for the "emergency": "The night was so bright that we could not sleep for 3 nights!"

A year later I read that they had been fined $ 21,000 (hopefully each!) for falsely instigating a "rescue" event.

I was reminded about it this weekend, when I washed the car at 10:30 PM. Then  at 1 AM they called me out to work. There was a little light but I definitely had to turn on my headlight.

To show you how dark it gets early in June, here is the pic I took at 2 AM, facing East ....perhaps a little blurry, but taken without a tripod!

Pretty similar to what we saw at 4:45 PM on Dec 21.

By June 21, I don't think it'll get this black at all. And it'll be nice and bright by 4:30 AM.

The only bad thing is that I can't even think of sleeping till after midnight and don't go to bed till 2 AM. Good thing the black-out shades let me sleep in during the morning!

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